Frequently Asked Questions


But what do you do?

Its simple: ToUch Events works with any individual or organization looking to add unique entertainment to their event, and we make their vision come true. We are two performing artists who dedicate our artistic expertise to create unique, and spectacular artistic elements for our clients and their events.


what is the process like?

We begin by listening. We get to know our clients, their vision and dreams for their event. From there we cultivate detailed proposals walking our clients through our entertainment design, and the step by step way we will get to the big day. We hone these proposals until each client feels we’ve gotten the big picture exactly right. Then we execute leading up to the actual event. When the day in question arrives, we are present at every step of the way to make sure our entertainment is produced and performed exactly as we had planned.


How does pricing work?

We do not plug and play tired old event entertainment. We customize each event we do with 100% original material. No two events are the same, so no two prices are the same. Depending on what you envision the price can vary. However, we are open to working within any budget to help make any kind of event special and spectacular.


What type of performers do you have?

We have been working professionally in the performing arts world for over 6 years, and have met any kind of performer you can think of. Whatever you envision for your event, we can find that performer, talent, or act. DJ’s, dancers, aerialists, fire performers, musicians, contortionists, actors, singers, jugglers…  even rodeo clowns. You name it, we will find the right performer to make your event entertainment the best any of your guests have ever seen.


Can I create anything I want?

Well, in a word, yes. We get thrown amazing, challenging ideas all the time from clients and we have always come through. And if there is a “road block” for some reason, we will always be completely transparent about our capabilities/comfortability with certain ideas.


What happens on the day of the event?

We will provide you will an hour by hour detailed itinerary for our arrival, our preparation, and our execution of all performances, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from us prior to the event. On top of being reliable with our work on that day, we also understand that unexpected things happen sometimes, as anyone who has ever thrown an event can testify. In the event of something unexpected, we will be flexible, communicative, and will always go above and beyond to help make sure the event is going as smoothly as possible.


do you offer other event services?

As performing artists, we feel our best foot forward in working with events is creating art and entertainment. We are open to the idea of expanding our responsibilities in a case by case basis, but in general we focus mostly on the entertainment side of events.


do you travel?

Yes! We are happy to travel for any event. And we will be communicative about what that means for your overall budget, and our needs to make sure our performers and equipment are in the best shape possible to execute your event’s entertainment.


do you design or rent costumes and/or props?

It depends. We work with a team of wonderful costume designers, and if your event has specific costume requirements we will suggest first and foremost utilizing one of our amazing design connections. However, if there are limitations to the budget, to time, or any other factor, we are happy to look into costume rentals. Our design, creation and collecting of props for our events works in the exact same manner.


do you work with nonprofits or educational organizations? do you donate services?

One of the best parts of our job is creating for causes we believe aid in community, national or global growth. For this reason, working with companies in the nonprofit sector and education are very important to us. Some of our favorite past events have been creating for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Trevor Project at three of their fundraisers, respectively. We understand these special events often seek fundraising for their wonderful causes, and so we do our best to keep our costs approachable and to work within budgets to make the event design work for all! As for an educational event or project, same structure: we are passionate teachers ourselves, so we are happy to work within every budget to create amazing educational experiences.


What equipment do you provide?

It depends on the performers you’ve hired. For example: If you desire one of our DJ’s for your event, our performer will likely bring his own chords, and DJ equipment but will likely need to plug into a sound system you obtain. Or, if we hire an aerialist for your event, we will provide their apparatus, and connecting equipment, but your venue may need to provide a ladder for them to rig on. It’s all based on a case by case basis. However, we are always open to helping gather necessary equipment, it just depends on the complexity of the equipment and the cost to rent/purchase.


Do you have insurance?

Yes! We have a great insurance provider that insures us for the wide spectrum of entertainment that we create. If appropriate, we are happy to share our insurance certificate with your event planning team or event insurance provider.